The Ohio State University Press

Spring 1998 

Radiance: Ten Stories
John J. Clayton
Fallout: A Historian Reflects on America's Half-Century Encounter with Nuclear Weapons
Paul Boyer
To the Pole: The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd, 1925–1927
Raimund E. Goerler, ed.
Heroic Measures
David Bergman
The Book of Appassionata:: Collected Poems
David Citino
Living After Midnight: A Novella and Stories
Lee K. Abbott
(out of print)
Murder in America
Roger Lane
Party Spirit in a Frontier Republic: Democratic Politics in Ohio, 1793–1821
Donald J. Ratcliffe
Main Street Blues: The Decline of Small-Town America
Richard O. Davies
A History of Accountancy in the United States: The Cultural Significance of Accounting
Revised edition
Gary John Previts and Barbara Dubis Merino
Citizens as Legislators: Direct Democracy in the United States
Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan, and Caroline Tolbert, eds.
Creating Parliamentary Government: The Transition to Democracy in Bulgaria
Albert P. Melone
The British Conservative Party in the Age of Universal Suffrage: Popular Conservatism, 1918–1929
Neal R. McCrillis
The English Common Reader: A Social History of the Mass Reading Public, 1800–1900
Revised edition
Richard D. Altick
Foreword by Jonathan Rose