The Ohio State University Press

Fall 2002 

The Academic Self
Donald E. Hall
Winner of The Ohio State University Press/The Journal Award in Poetry
Mechanical Cluster
Patty Seyburn
New in paperback
In Cold Fear
Pamela Hunt Steinle
Organization of American Historians Willi Paul Adams Prize Winner
An American Family
Fernando Fasce
Feminism in the Heartland
Judith Ezekiel
D. H. Lawrence
James C. Cowan
Imperial Subjects, Imperial Space
John McBratney
Crime, Justice, History
Eric H. Monkkonen
Journal of a Voyage around the World
Thomas Worthington King
Steven E. Kagle, ed.
Faith and Action
Roger Fortin
Regionalism and Reform
Wendy Jean Katz
Telling Tales
Elizabeth Langland
Politics, Persuasion, and Pragmatism
Ellen Peel
Committees in Post-Communist Democratic Parliaments
David Olson and William Crowther, eds.
U.S. Senate Exceptionalism
Bruce I. Oppenheimer, ed.
When Languages Collide
Brian D. Joseph, Johanna Destefano, Neil G. Jacobs, and Ilse Lehiste, eds.