The Ohio State University Press

Fall 2003 

Fall 2003 Catalog The Ohio State University Press/The Journal Award in Poetry
Writing Letters for the Blind
Gary Fincke
Builders of Ohio: A Biographical History
Warren Van Tine and Michael Pierce, eds.
Organization of American Historians Willi Paul Adams Prize Winner
The Nationalist Ferment: The Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy, 17891812
Marie-Jeanne Rossignol
Translated by Lillian Parrott
Catullus in Verona: A Reading of the Elegiac Libellus, Poems 65–116
Marilyn B. Skinner
Now in paperback
Imperial Subjects, Imperial Space: Rudyard Kipling's Fiction of the Native-Born
John McBratney
Bloodscripts: Writing the Violent Subject
Elana Gomel
Medea's Daughters: Forming and Performing the Woman Who Kills
Jennifer Jones
Theater Figures: The Production of the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
Emily Allen
A/Moral Economics: Classical Political Economy and Cultural Authority in Nineteenth-Century England
Claudia C. Klaver
At Home, At War: Domesticity and World War I in American Literature
Jennifer Haytock
From Old Woman to Older Women: Contemporary Culture and Women's Narratives
Sally Chivers
In the Presence of Audience: The Self in Diaries and Fiction
Deborah Martinson
Litigation as Lobbying: Reproductive Hazards and Interest Aggregation
Julianna S. Gonen
The Evolution of Political Knowledge: Theory and Inquiry in American Politics
Edward D. Mansfield and Richard Sisson, eds.
The Evolution of Political Knowledge: Democracy, Autonomy, and Conflict in Comparative and International Politics
Edward D. Mansfield and Richard Sisson, eds.
Congress Responds to the Twentieth Century
Sunil Ahuja and Robert E. Dewhirst, eds.
Distributed for The Ohio State University's Board of Trustees
The Gee Years
Malcolm Baroway