The Ohio State University Press

Spring 1999 

Seasoning: A Poet’s Year With Seasonal Recipes
David Young
Troubled Lovers in History: A Sequence of Poems
Albert Goldbarth
Dating Miss Universe: Nine Stories
Out of print
Steven Polansky
Studies in Murder
Edmund Lester Pearson
Introduction by Roger Lane
Crack Mothers: Pregnancy, Drugs, and the Media
Drew Humphries
Humans and Other Animals
Arien Mack, ed.
Foreword by Marc Bekoff
The Earth Abideth
George Dell
Noble Abstractions: American Liberal Intellectuals and World War II
Frank A. Warren
The American Tintype
Floyd Rinhart, Marion Rinhart, and Robert W. Wagner
Foreword by W. Robert Nix
Violent Death in the City: Suicide, Accident, and Murder in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia
Second Edition
Roger Lane
Foreword by David Johnson
Dickens’ Journalism: Volume III, “Gone Astray” and Other Papers from Household Words, 1851–59
Michael Slater, ed.
Senates: Bicameralism in the Contemporary World
Samuel C. Patterson and Anthony Mughan, eds.
Parliamentary Representation: The Case of the Norwegian Storting
Donald R. Matthews and Henry Valen
Rewriting Chaucer: Culture, Authority, and the Idea of the Authentic Text, 1400–1602
Thomas A. Prendergast and Barbara Kline, eds.
English University Life in the Middle Ages
Alan B. Cobban
Perspectives on Scholarly Misconduct in the Sciences
John M. Braxton, ed.