The Ohio State University Press

Fall 2000 

Columbus, Ohio
Henry L. Hunker
Stone Sky Lifting
Lia Purpura
At the White Window
David Young
A Fragile Capital
Charles C. Cole Jr.
Women in Labor
Allison L. Hepler
Bodies of Technology
Edited by Ann R. Saetnan,
Nelly Oudshoorn, and Marta Kirejczyk
Motherhood in Bondage
Margaret Sanger
Foreword by Margaret Marsh
Homicide, North and South
H. V. Redfield
Introduction by Douglas Eckberg
Five Centuries of Violence inFinland and the Baltic Area
Heikki Ylikangas, Petri Karonen, and Martti Lehti
Foreword by Eric H. Monkkonen
Now in Paper
Lancaster, Ohio, 1800-2000
David R. Contosta
A Right to Representation
Kathleen L. Barber
Boss Cox's Cincinnati
Zane L. Miller
Introduction by Howard P. Chaudacoff
Weeping in the Playtime of Others
Kenneth Wooden
Foreward by Kathleen M. Heide
In Cold Fear
Pamela Hunt Steinle
Nuclear Rivals
Septimus H. Paul
Empire and Revolution
Edited by Peter L. Hahn
and Mary Ann Heiss