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Empire and Revolution

The United States and the Third World since 1945

Edited by Peter L. Hahn and Mary Ann Heiss

The ten essays in this volume represent state-of-the-art surveys of ten singular episodes in U.S. interaction with the Third World since 1945. Each author seeks to present a unique approach to a specific topic within U.S.–Third World relations. The essays cover the globe and include studies of the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. They make use of a variety of source material and employ a wide range of analytical devices, such as the national security paradigm, the idea of economic development, and culture.

The essays present a multihued portrait of the different ways policy makers in the United States dealt with Third World problems. The essays make clear the multitude of considerations that affected policy making; the many different actors, both official and nonofficial, who came to influence the policy-making process; and the possibilities for future research into U.S. relations with the nations of the Third World. They are designed not only to present the current state of the literature but also to suggest some avenues for future research.

Contributors include

Peter L. Hahn is an associate professor of history at The Ohio State University and the author of The United States, Great Britain, and Egypt, 1945–1956: Strategy and Diplomacy in the Early Cold War. Mary Ann Heiss is an associate professor at Kent State University and the author of Empire and Nationhood: The United States, Great Britain, and Iranian Oil, 1950–1954.

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