The Ohio State University Press

Spring 2001 

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Farewell, Summer
Helen Hooven Santmyer
The Invention of Secrecy
David Citino
Winner of the NBCC Poetry Prize
Saving Lives
Albert Goldbarth
New in Paperback
A Social History of Wet Nursing in America
Janet Golden
The Rule of Justice
Elizabeth Dale
Suburban Alchemy
Nicholas Dagen Bloom
Visions of Place
Zane L. Miller
Political Consultants in U.S. Congressional Elections
Stephen K. Medvic
Hitching a Ride
Glen S. Krutz
The Tested Woman Plot
Lois E. Bueler
Technology and the Rest of Culture
Arien Mack, ed.
Seventh Catalog of the Vascular Plants of Ohio
Tom S. Cooperrider, Allison W. Cusick, and John T. Kartesz, eds.
8th Edition
Language Files
The Ohio State University Department of Linguistics
"The Uncommercial Traveller" and Other Papers: 1859–70
Michael Slater and John M. L. Drew, eds.