Current Authors

Preparing and Submitting Your Final Manuscript

The following documents provide guidance for formatting and organizing your final manuscript as well as information vital to the handling and marketing of your work at the press. Once final approval for publication has been granted, please review the following information and prepare your materials accordingly. If you have specific questions, please contact your acquisitions editor.

Copyright and Permissions

In your contract, you have guaranteed that you will take care of all necessary permissions and will forward copies of those permissions to us. It is OSUP’s policy that we must have all required permissions in house before production on your book starts. Obtaining permissions can take months, so it is imperative that you begin this process as soon as possible after the contract stage. If permissions are delayed, production of your book may be delayed.

What Happens Next

After you submit your final manuscript, it will be transmitted to editorial and production. At that point, you will be provided with access to your Author Portal, which will give you important information about your book's schedule, marketing plans, and a variety of other things. The manuscript will be formatted and copyedited according to House Style as well as Chicago and MLA Style Guidelines, and you will have a chance to review the copyedited version. It will then be turned into a proof, which you will also have a chance to review and, at that stage, you will be required to complete (or have someone else complete) an index — which must be formatted according to our Indexing Guidelines.

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