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Edited by Deborah Logan, Western Kentucky University

Frequency: Biannually (beginning Summer 2017)

Print ISSN: 2166-0107
Electronic ISSN: 2475-6741

Now in its 65th year, Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Victorian literature and culture and continues to respond to developmental shifts in the discipline of Victorian studies. Formerly named The Victorian Newsletter (ISSN: 0042-5192), VCL looks forward to continuing its long history of scholarly excellence and professional integrity.

Manuscript Submissions

MLA formatting and documentation sent as electronic e-mail attachment (MS Word doc or RFT). Word count: 5,500 to 7,500 inclusive. Email submissions to

Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Ella Dzelzainis, Birkbeck College, London
Nikolai Endres, Western Kentucky University
Maria Frawley, George Washington University
Brent Kinser, Western Carolina University
William Harmon, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Cora Kaplan, Queen Mary University, London
David Latane, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Deborah Denenholz Morse, College of William & Mary
Albert Pionke, University of Alabama
Amber Pouliot, Harlaxton College
Valerie Sanders, University of Hull
Beverly Taylor, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Interpreting Divine Unity: Harriet Martineau’s Interreligious Essays
Susanne Calhoun

The Possibility of Taking a Walk: Jane Eyre’s Persistent Mobility
Trish Bredar

Special Section: Women of the Press in the 1890s
Introduction by Alyson Hunt, Guest Editor

“Thank God for the Public Press, Which Sheds Its Strong White Light on All the Dark Corners of the Earth!”: Ada Nield Chew’s Journey From Factory Girl To Author-Activist
Kirsty Bunting

Alice Meynell: Production, Reproduction, and the World of Work in the 1890s
F. Elizabeth Gray

“What you write down is going to the press”: Margaret Harkness’s Accounts of the 1889 London Dockworkers’ Strike
Flore Janssen

“As it was not ungrammatical, though of a chatty tendency, it seemed to please”: Lady Violet Greville, “Aristocratic Lady Journalist” of the 1890s
Sharon E. Cogdill

Edith Simcox and La Chose Jugée Brenda Ayres
“No Fixed Address”: Elizabeth Banks, the New Woman on Fleet Street
Jane S. Gabin


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