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Now in its 65th year, Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Victorian literature and culture and continues to respond to developmental shifts in the discipline of Victorian studies. Formerly named The Victorian Newsletter (ISSN: 0042-5192), VCL looks forward to continuing its long history of scholarly excellence and professional integrity.

Manuscript Submissions

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Victorians Journal of Culture and Literature editorial standards

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Work accepted for publication in Victorians Journal is subject to editing designed to bring articles into conformity with House standards, including style, grammar, and usage. Publication is predicated on requested revisions and editing, along the following guidelines:

Eliminating personal pronouns / self-referencing in favor of more objective language / tone

American spellings in author narrative, preserving British spellings as they occur in quotations

American grammatical usage

MLA punctuation and citation formatting, as employed by Victorians Journal

Eliminating repetitive use of secondary titles within the text and footnotes (found on works cited)

Avoiding parenthetical asides wherever possible

Minimizing footnotes to prevent parallel narratives. Notes should be limited to conveying relevant references for further study.

Explain (in text through word / phrase or as a footnote) obscure / rarified or culturally-specific terms and jargon

Use of italics is reserved for book titles, foreign terms, and occasional emphases (denoted “emphasis added”)

Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Ella Dzelzainis, Birkbeck College, London
Nikolai Endres, Western Kentucky University
Maria Frawley, George Washington University
Brent Kinser, Western Carolina University
William Harmon, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Cora Kaplan, Queen Mary University, London
David Latane, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Deborah Denenholz Morse, College of William & Mary
Albert Pionke, University of Alabama
Amber Pouliot, Harlaxton College
Valerie Sanders, University of Hull
Beverly Taylor, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Victorians. A Journal of Culture and Literature #134

Introduction: Emily Brontë’s Bicentenary
Deborah Denenholz Morse and Amber Pouliot

“Gold put to use of paving stones”: Internal Colonialism in Wuthering Heights
Margaret Markwick

Wuthering Heights Must Be Defended!: Heathcliff and Necropolitics in the Yorkshire Moors
Eamon DeLacy

Emily Brontë’s Ars Moriendi
Carol Margaret Davison

Wuthering Heights and the Work of Loving One Dead
Sarah Ross

Absent Emily: Ecstasy, Transgression, and Negative Space in Three Emily Brontë Poems
Lydia Brown

Emily Brontë and Will
John Maynard

“A poet, a solitary”: Emily Brontë—Queerness, Quietness, and Solitude
Claire O’Callaghan

The Last Bluebell: Anthropocenic Mourning in the Brontës’ Flower Imagery
Shawna Ross

The Devastating Impact of Lord Wharton’s Bible Charity in Wuthering Heights
Lydia Craig

Restored by God, Restored as God: An Exploration of the Genesis Myth in Wuthering Heightsand Jane Eyre
Clara Poteet

Women and Landscape in Wuthering Heights
Amy R. Possidente

Preternatural to Paranormal: Wuthering Heights in the Twilight Universe
Judith Wilt

The Neo-Victorian Presence(s) of Emily Brontë
Sarah E. Maier

For the Use of Such Ghosts as Choose to Inhabit It
Alexandra Lewis

Book Reviews by Amber Pouliot
Review of Helen MacEwan, Through Belgian Eyes: Charlotte Brontë’s Troubled Brussels Legacy (Eastbourne: Sussex University Press, 2018), 258 pages, ISBN 978-1-84519-910-4
Christine Alexander and Sara L. Pearson, Celebrating Charlotte Brontë: Transforming Life into Literature in Jane Eyre (The Brontë Society, 2016), 204 pages, ISBN 978-0-9505829-0-0

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