2017 Choice Outstanding Academic Title

      In Search of an Alternative Biopolitics: Anti-Bullfighting, Animality, and the Environment in Contemporary Spain
      Katarzyna Olga Beilin

Honorable Mention for the ISSN 2015 Perkins Prize

      Narrative Theory Unbound: Queer and Feminist Interventions
      Edited by Robyn Warhol and Susan S. Lanser

Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2015

      Narrative Theory Unbound: Queer and Feminist Interventions
      Edited by Robyn Warhol and Susan S. Lanser

2015 Teaching Literature Book Award

      From Abortion to Pederasty: Addressing Difficult Topics in the Classics Classroom
      Edited by Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz and Fiona McHardy

Phi Beta Kappa Society Annual Book Awards 2015 Short List (Christian Gauss Award)

      Thomas Hardy’s Brains: Psychology, Neurology, and Hardy’s Imagination
      Suzanne Keen

Annual Lambda Literary Award Finalist 2014

      The Queer Limit of Black Memory: Black Lesbian Literature and Irresolution
      Matt Richardson

Finalist of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award 2013

      Blood Prism
      Edward Haworth Hoeppner

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2012

      Narrative Theory: Core Concepts and Critical Debates
      David Herman, James Phelan, Peter J. Rabinowitz, Brian Richardson, and Robyn Warhol

      Hemingway and the Black Renaissance
      Edited by Gary Edward Holcomb and Charles Scruggs

      After Testimony: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Holocaust Narrative for the Future
      Edited by Jakob Lothe, Susan Rubin Suleiman, and James Phelan

Choice Outstanding Title for 2011

      Mandelstam, Blok, and the Boundaries of Mythopoetic Symbolism
      Stuart Goldberg

      The Governance of Friendship: Law and Gender in the Decameron
      Michael Sherberg

International Gothic Association's Allan Lloyd Smith Memorial Prize 2010

      Gothic Riffs: Secularizing the Uncanny in the European Imaginary, 1780–1820
      Diane Long Hoeveler

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2010

      Imagining Minds: The Neuro-Aesthetics of Austen, Eliot, and Hardy
      Kay Young

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2009

      Paper Money Men: Commerce, Manhood, and the Sensational Public Sphere in Antebellum America
      David Anthony

      The Age of Eclecticism: Literature and Culture in Britain, 1815–1885
      Christine Bolus-Reichert

Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Prize 2009
The Association of Black Women Historians

      Beyond Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Culture of Uplift, Identity, and Politics in Black Musical Theater
      Paula Marie Seniors

Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication 2008

      The Crisis of Action in Nineteenth–Century English Literature
      Stefanie Markovits

Lavinia Dock Award for Best Book 2007
American Association for the History of Nursing

      Nursing and the Privilege of Prescription, 1893–2000
      Arlene W. Keeling

Lavinia Dock Award for Best Book 2006
American Association for the History of Nursing

      Unlikely Entrepreneurs: Catholic Sisters and the Hospital Marketplace, 1865–1925
      Barbra Mann Wall

South Central Modern Language Association Book Award 2006

      The Pre-Raphaelite Art of the Victorian Novel: Narrative Challenges to the Visual Gendered Boundaries
      Sophia Andres

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2006

      Nurse-Midwifery: The Birth of a New American Profession
      Laura E. Ettinger

American Journal of Nursing 2005 Most Valuable books of the Year

      Dying to Be Beautiful: The Fight For Safe Cosmetics
      Gwen Kay

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2005

      Elusive Childhood: Impossible Representations in Modern Fiction
      Susan Honeyman

Lavinia Dock Award for Best Book 2004

      Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke’s and the Nature of Nursing, 1892–1937
      Tom Olson and Eileen Walsh

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2003

      Roman Fever: Domesticity and Nationalism in Nineteenth–Century American Women’s Writing
      Annamaria Formichella Elsden

      Suburban Steel: The Magnificent Failure of the Lustron Corporation, 1945–1951
      Douglas Knerr

The Margaret Atwood Society's 2003 "Best Book on Atwood's Work" Award

      Margaret Atwood’s Textual Assassinations: Recent Poetry and Fiction
      Edited by Sharon Rose Wilson

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2002

      Telling Tales: Gender and Narrative Form in Victorian Literature and Culture
      Elizabeth Langland

      Predicting Politics
      Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

2001 National Book Critics Circle award for poetry

      Saving Lives: Poems
      Albert Goldbarth

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2001

      Animating the Letter: The Figurative Embodiment of Writing from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance
      Laura Kendrick

      Ordinary Pleasures: Couples, Conversation, and Comedy
      Kay Young