When Kids Go to College

A Parent’s Guide to Changing Relationships

Barbara M. Newman and Philip R. Newman



166 pp. 6x9

$24.95 paper 978-0-8142-0562-4
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“The Newmans speak with the expertise of parents, psychologists, and professors as they describe the developmental changes that occur in college kids as they undergo a ‘personal synthesis.’ . . . With the insight available here, a parent can feel reassured and better able to assist when called upon.” —Booklist

“A great deal has been said to parents about preparing their children for college, but too little about what to do when they are at college. Recognizing that parents play an enormously important role in the academic success of their children, the Newmans give us a parents' version of the college student handbook. This book helps parents understand how to support the success of their children who face many challenges during the higher education experience.” —E. Gordon Gee, Ph.D., President, Vanderbilt University

“The authors of When Kids Go to College offer excellent advice to parents about how to assess the major changes in attitudes, values, and relationships that occur as part of college education. This book should be required reading for parents wishing to understand and respond appropriately to a child under the complex, stimulating, and sometimes hazardous influences of college life.” —Richard C. Atkinson, Ph.D., Chancellor of the University of California–San Diego

“The Newmans have given parents a road map to guide them and their students through the challenges of the college years. I wish I could encourage all my seniors to give this book to their parents for a graduation present.” —Ralph Johnson, Principal, Upper Arlington High School, Upper Arlington, Ohio

What happens at college?

This practical guide will answer that important question and tell you how to make the most of these exciting years.

  • identity formation
  • values development
  • career exploration
  • social relationships
  • sexuality
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • romantic relationships
  • dorm life
  • personal freedom
  • depression
  • discrimination
  • college bureaucracy

Barbara and Philip Newman are the authors of many books on human development, including Development through Life: A Psychosocial Approach, now in its fifth edition; An Introduction to the Psychology of Adolescence; Adolescent Development; Understanding Adulthood; and Personality Development through the Life Span as well as numerous articles. Barbara Newman is Associate Provost for Faculty Recruitment and Development at The Ohio State University and formerly was chairperson of the Department of Family Relations and Human Development at Ohio State. Philip Newman is Senior Researcher in the Office of Academic Affairs, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Human Ecology, and Lecturer in Educational Services and Research at The Ohio State University. He formerly was director of the Human Behavior Curriculum Project of the American Psychological Association.