The Fishes of Ohio

Revised Edition

Milton B. Trautman

“This abundantly documented and profusely illustrated treatise brought to gratifying fruition nearly a third of a century of almost ceaseless labor by an enthusiastic and able field naturalist. . . . It is a scholarly contribution to ichthyology, ecology, and biogeography.” —Quarterly Review of Biology

“In 1957, Milton B. Trautman . . . authored one of the finest regional fish books. His first edition of The Fishes of Ohio was unique in its approach by documenting historical changes in fish distribution in the face of man’s encroachment and alteration of aquatic ecosystems. . . . Now, 24 years later, a revised edition of this classic work has been made available.

“The objectives of [this] edition are to demonstrate and explain distribution changes from 1750 to 1980, and to provide keys to the 166 species of Ohio fishes. These aims are admirably achieved. The natural factors influencing distribution of fishes are discussed in Part I, which relates the geology, physiography, topography, hydrology, and climatic history of the region. . . . Part II reviews changes that have occurred from 1750 until 1980, and is an excellent chronicle of modern man's alteration and manipulation of essentially every aquatic ecosystem in Ohio. . . . Part III is a listing of species, synonomy and nomenclatorial history for Ohio’s fishes. . . . Part IV is an informative section on the systematics and nomenclature of fishes that is very useful to beginning students of icthyology. The glossary and family and species keys contained in Part V are excellent. Part VI contains the major content of the book, the 166 species accounts. . . .

“The updated range maps, a central focus of Trautman’s approach, are excellent and obviously the result of endless efforts. Ohio is one of the most thoroughly surveyed of all states and to translate these data to visual understanding is an unenviable task for which the reader should be deeply appreciative. . . . Also of exceptional quality are the species illustrations originally rendered by Mrs. E. R. Weeks and Trautman himself for the 1957 edition. They are among the best of their kind in a fish reference work, and serve well to facilitate identification of specimens in hand. . . .

“Anyone concerned with or otherwise interested in the fishes, aquatic environments, or general natural history of Ohio or eastern North America should consider this book a valued addition to their library” —Ohio Journal of Science

1982   782 pp

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