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The Earth Abideth

George Dell

“It is a found treasure, fiction extending beyond the labels regional, historical, or romance. . . . Thomas’s progression through the seasons of his life is as rhythmic as the turn of seasons that govern his farming; his story is as rich and lushly fruitful as the earth he works.” —Publishers Weekly

“The ebb and flow of a farming family is the device through which this . . . author looks at the changes in American life from the Civil War to the Great War. . . . Written in the 1930s . . . the book strikes universal themes in a local setting and shows us life as both romantic and gritty. Readers will be transported.” —Library Journal

“A sun-warmed example of the genre [that] has a distinction shared with Helen Hooven Santmyer’s ‘. . . And the Ladies of the Club’—a word-of-mouth knowledge of mind-sets and mores in 19th-century Ohio.” —Kirkus Reviews

George Dell was a professor of English at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, for more than 40 years. Dell died in 1992 at the age of 91.

Nov 1998
Fiction 314 pp. 6 x 9

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