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Coping with Joyce

Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium

Edited by Morris Beja and Shari Benstock

Coping with Joyce brings together eighteen scholars who contributed to making the 1986 International Joyce Symposium a landmark in Joycean studies. Their diverse approaches to the intricate Joyce corpus, from Dubliners and Exiles to Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, reflect the important changes that have taken place in the scholarly world during recent years, as traditional and post-traditional theorists and critics have found in James Joyce a major area of investigation and interpretation. Five major addresses offer a litany of perspectives: historical biographical, cultural, thematic, linguistic, textual, and sexual. These perspectives are further developed in the subsequent critical studies. Coping with Joyce provides a cross-section of the latest in James Joyce studies, the most recent views of several well-established Joyce scholars and the work of some newer critics in the field.

Morris Beja is Professor of English at The Ohio State University and author of several works of literary criticism, including Epiphany in the Modern Novel. Shari Benstock is Professor of English at the University of Miami (Florida) and author of several books, including Women of the Left Bank: Paris 1900–1940.

1989 280 pp. This title is no longer available in a traditional print edition. Click here for free access to the book’s full text.