Early Modern Drama Text Editions
Edited by Richard Dutton and Steven K. Galbraith

This series aims to offer scholarly editions of less familiar drama texts of Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Caroline England that contribute to modern critical conversations and thus deserve to be better known. Editions are based on copies in The Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Room, usually from The Stanley J. Kahrl Renaissance and Restoration Drama Collection. Plays published in the series have digitized reproductions of the original on one side of the page and a modernized, annotated version of the text on the facing page. This format should be equally of value to those who approach texts in the spirit of book history and those who simply want an accessible modern version with some contextual guidance.

This series is now closed, and the Press does not accept further submissions for it.

  • The Duchess of Suffolk
    Drue, Thomas (Edited and with an Introduction by Richard Dutton and Steven Galbraith)