Narrating Space / Spatializing Narrative

Where Narrative Theory and Geography Meet

Marie-Laure Ryan, Kenneth Foote, and Maoz Azaryahu

Theory and Interpretation of Narrative


312 pp. 6x9

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Review in Social and Cultural Geography


Narrating Space / Spatializing Narratives is a timely and important book. Written in an accessible style, well structured, and with a wealth of practical case studies, it will speak to students and researchers across disciplinary boundaries.” —Lieven Ameel, Social & Cultural Geography

Narrating Space / Spatializing Narrative: Where Narrative Theory and Geography Meet by Marie-Laure Ryan, Kenneth Foote, and Maoz Azaryahu offers a groundbreaking approach to understanding how space works in narrative and narrative theory and how narratives work in real space. Thus far, space has traditionally been viewed by narratologists as a backdrop to plot. This study argues that space serves important but under-explored narrative roles: It can be a focus of attention, a bearer of symbolic meaning, an object of emotional investment, a means of strategic planning, a principle of organization, and a supporting medium.

Space intersects with narrative in two principal ways: “Narrating space” considers space as an object of representation, while “spatializing narrative” approaches space as the environment in which narrative is physically deployed. The inscription of narrative in real space is illustrated by such forms as technology-supported locative narratives, street names, and historical/heritage site and museum displays. While narratologists are best equipped to deal with the narration of space, geographers can make significant contributions to narratology by drawing attention to the spatialization of narrative. By bringing these two approaches together—and thereby building a bridge between narratology and geography—Narrating Space / Spatializing Narrative yields both a deepened understanding of human spatial experience and greater insight into narrative theory and poetic forms.

Marie-Laure Ryan is an independent scholar and author of Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media. Kenneth Foote is Professor and Department Head in Geography at the University of Connecticut. Maoz Azaryahu is Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa.