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On the Back of a Turtle

A Narrative of the Huron-Wyandot People

Lloyd E. Divine Jr. (dárahǫk)

440 pp. 7 x 10
6 illustrations
9 maps

Pub Date: February, 2019

Subjects: History
Race and Ethnic Studies

Imprint: Trillium

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“This enlightening book is Divine’s way of reviving and preserving traditional Huron-Wyandot culture, which for years was in danger of being lost.” —Booklist

On the Back of a Turtle is a well-written and informative book that makes it easier to understand the journey of the Wyandotte people. It is a book that will help educate and inform Wyandotte people of our history for generations to come.” —Chief Billy Friend, Wyandotte Nation

“A book written by a Wyandotte citizen about the history of the Wyandots is long overdue. This book is an excellent read and resource for anyone wanting to know the history of this well-documented tribe. This book is a valuable addition to any library.” —Norman Hildebrand Jr., Second Chief, Wyandotte Nation

“Having known Lloyd Divine for many years also means I know the passion he holds dear to his heart for the history of the Wyandotte people. He loves the challenge of research and discovering new happenings from our great past. He takes pride in his ancestors while doing presentations to many eager groups wanting to hear true Wyandotte history. For On the Back of a Turtle, he spent many hours of research and inquiring from others, touching on issues that are taboo to some. His dedication to the stories will help continue our story.” —Sherri Clemons, Tribal Heritage Director, Wyandotte Nation

On the Back of a Turtle is an all-inclusive history of the Huron-Wyandot people—from before the creation of the Great Island, now called North America, to the present day. No other full-length history of the Huron-Wyandot people exists. Presented in a conversational, easy-to-read style, the book is a compelling and informative telling of the story of the Huron-Wyandot people as told by a tribal historian.

As characters and tribes emerge in the Huron-Wyandot’s oral tradition of creation, and take their respective places upon the Great Island, the author reveals the most difficult element of the Huron-Wyandot’s history: how the tribal name was obtained. With the knowledge of how both Huron and Wyandot are relevant names for one tribe of people, the author then shares his tribe’s amazing history. The reader will be fascinated to learn how one of the smallest tribes, birthed amid the Iroquois Wars, rose to become one of the most respected and influential tribes of North America.

Author photoLloyd E. Divine Jr. (dárahǫk) is a citizen of the Wyandotte Nation who has served on his tribe’s cultural committee for more than twenty-five years.


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Chapter 1        “They Became Known as Wyandots”

The Great Island

The Tribe with No Name

Children of the Bad Twin

Chapter 2        “They Act Like Foxes”

“People Are Dispersing in Every Direction”

Be on Your Guard against the Hurons

The Rat

Allotted for the Wiandóts

Nicholas: Full of Savage Cunning

“This Continent Is Not Wide Enough for Us Both”

Chapter 3        “Wyandots Will Not Be Taken Alive”

“These Horrible Hell-Hounds of Savage War”

The Death of Miss Jane McCrea, 1777

Siege of Fort Henry, 1777

Battle of Little Mountain, 1782

Gnadenhutten Massacre, 1782

Battle of Sandusky, 1782

The Struggle of Big Foot and Adam Poe, 1782

Big Bottom Massacre, 1791

Massacre at Beaver Hat Town, ca. 1792

Battle of Fallen Timbers, 1794

Battle of River Raisin, 1813

Chapter 4        “Farewell Ohio and Her Brave”

“I Cannot Agree to Quit Painting My Face”

“Very Similar to That of the Cherokees”

“Like Sheep among Wolves”

Chapter 5        “Strangers in a Strange Land”

The Decisions We Make

Conquer or Be Conquered

The Richest and Most Valuable Territory

Land Bribes and Floats to Nowhere

Citizen versus Indian

Chapter 6        “Preserving the Future of Our Past”

Indian Reunion and Barbecue

Potatoes, Hay, and Ham

Indian School, Quapaw Agency

Sacred Ground

We Want Our Land Back

The Gathering of Traditions





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