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Does That Make Sense?

The Best of Joe Blundo

Joe Blundo
with a Foreword by Ted Decker

176 pp. 6 x 9

Pub Date: April, 2019

Subjects: Ohio

Imprint: Trillium

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ISBN: 978-0-8142-5531-5

“Blundo illuminates life’s littlest absurdities but also its greatest joys and griefs, and he does it in half the words it would take other writers. If the writing game were Name That Tune, Joe would be a returning champion. A man of few words, Joe Blundo speaks volumes.” —Ted Decker

Joe Blundo began his writing career at the Columbus Dispatch in 1978 and has been writing about Columbus ever since. In 1997, Joe was given his own column titled “So to Speak,” which quickly became one of the most popular sections of the paper. Raccoon dinners, Abe Lincoln impersonators, and things in nature that aren’t fair are just a few of the topics Blundo explores in this collection of the best of his newspaper columns. The columns range from hilarious to poignant to indignant—but all contain his unique voice and somewhat tilted way of looking at life. He’s especially drawn to the quirks that make Columbus what it is, people with a passion they can’t stop talking about, and recording the milestones in his family’s life. Sometimes he spouts off on the big issues of the day but more often he looks for the little things that others might not notice.

Joe Blundo has won legions of fans in the Columbus area with his long-running column for the Columbus Dispatch.  He is the 2002 recipient of the humor writing award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.



            Ted Decker



Hello, Columbus

See Statehouse with less cynicism: Go with children

Their child is a nut but they’re proud

Ghost tales more kooky than spooky

The flakes that drive Columbus into a frenzy

Rap alert: Don’t mess with UA playa

State fair always make a strong impression

Meat guys: Can we at least get a butt?

Rail-splitting personalities turn heads in capital city

High hopes among fans put OSU on fire watch

Creatures of the night realize worst fear

Greatest ape of our zoo just as he imagined

Ohio State obsession too much for this Ana

A fair history that’s deep-fried in absurdity

After ‘Oval,’ OSU has plenty more to trademark

The Last Jedi, with a touch of Buckeye

Family Matters

Family life gives him right stuff for high court

Area dad survives anonymous daughter’s first dance

Father’s Day: A proclamation

When son becomes a man, dad still frets

Poodle puts stamp of approval on park

Farewell to Mickey, the memorable poodle

It’s time for daughter to fly the nest

Les was much more than a father-in-law

Bad break had its good results

Dancing might not make him a star

A son’s wedding, a dad’s blessings

‘Mom’ was more than a mother-in-law

New graduate gets herself noticed

Turning 60 a chance to deny, deny, deny

Grandpa celebrating 7 pounds of hope

On the Scene

He flies through the air with the greatest unease

Pot roast no match for delicacy of Danville

He came, he saw, he sculpted an orange fish

Close shave pampers plebian like a king

Ride in $2 million Bugatti leaves him bug-eyed

Volunteers gain different image of Cleveland

He’s getting a big head—with government’s OK

Folk Studies

Prognosis put things in perspective

Nature artist has a personal paradise

For couple, wedding bliss extends 75 years

He’s the master of gourdian knots

Cobbler hangs on as City Center tumbles

No one storms the Castle without her permission

When Angel performs, he wings it

Mike Harden had a way with words

Shelter supervisor had her own troubles

Big top beckons king of calliope

Ride home led to love of lifetime

Auditor shows ardor for precision

Handmade guitars strike emotional chord

John and Annie Glenn continue journey together

He finds peace in birds, baseballs and breadboxes

Lifelong teacher educates about her Alzheimer’s

Pigs become camera hogs for tray of cake mix

Aminah Robinson at 75

After 70 years, couple still clicks

Hotel guests register his name, face, mantra

Fair chance is all that acts seek

Robby made Sunday mornings bright

Dr. Shine adds gleam to airport wingtips

Arena holds sad memory of the father they loved

Irish teens team up to puzzle over baseball

Flag represents price paid by MIA/POW families

Unscientific Observations

Your brain isn’t ready to organize everything

We ought to beware of auto autonomy

Media’s take on summer: heat, germs and sharks

Hey, nature: We deserve some justice

These teams in a league of their own

Merry tunes best ignored in dating

iPhone does so much more than you thought

Nature hasn’t been that kind

Brawny dino in a class by itself

Italian app leads to strange statements

Alternatives to roses a bit thorny

Without nicknames, weather just gray

When pot is legal here, it will need cool names

Boomers hold tight to labels of youth

LA: The city into which we all fit

He can’t stash or trash his clutter

Evolutions warns us: Run for your life

Ohio critters boast talents worthy of TV

What goes around (sniff), comes around

Stereotypes explain little about people in the workplace

The bad romantic advice in Christmas carols

Smart toilet sounds like a dumb idea

Had to Say It

Laureates need songs powered by Dylan

Kids’ tales reimagined for the world we know now

President haunted by job advice in spirited tale

Tragedy in Orlando distilled in novel way

Not every congress can take a long break

America is changing its tune

Richard III returns but he’s living on Bard time

Pope walks a mile in Armani dress shoes

It’s time we truly put kids first

Modest Proposals

How to avoid topical heat on the holiday

Graduates, it’s time to get real

Let’s create websites that reduce connections

Fiery bolt from above inspires religious theories

He thinks we need edgy veggies

Better elections just nine rules away


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