Studies in Victorian Life and Literature
Edited by Richard D. Altick

This series is now closed and no additional titles will be published in it. Inquiries concerning our on-going publishing program in Victorian studies should be directed to Ana M. Jimenez-Moreno at The Ohio State University Press.

1995 Rhodes The Lion and the Cross: Early Christianity in Victorian Novels
1994 Martin George Eliot's Serial Fiction
1994 Murphy Toward a Working-Class Canon: Literary Criticism in British Working-Class Periodicals, 18161858
1994 Stone The Night Side of Dickens: Cannibalism, Passion, Necessity
1994 Shankman Anne Thackeray Ritchie Journals and Letters
1991 Altick The Presence of the Present: Topics of the Day in The Victorian Novel
1991 Vanden Bossche Carlyle and the Search for Authority
1990 Ryals A World of Possibilities: Romantic Irony in Victorian Literature
1989 Newcomb The Imagined World of Charles Dickens