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Advances in the Analysis of Spanish Exclamatives


Ignacio Bosque

223 pp. 6 x 9
Pub Date: January 25, 2017

Subjects: Linguistics

Series: Theoretical Developments in Hispanic Linguistics

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“This book will be an extremely useful tool for researchers on Spanish syntax and semantics, and for all linguists working on sentence types and on the comparative syntax of clause types.” —Brenda Laca, University of Paris 8

“This edited volume is very significant for the field of Spanish exclamatives as well as for the wider theoretical field of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.” —Melvin González Rivera, University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez

Advances in the Analysis of Spanish Exclamatives is the first book entirely devoted to Spanish exclamatives, a special sentence type often overlooked by contemporary linguists and neglected in standard grammatical descriptions. The seven essays in this volume, each by a leading specialist on the topic, scrutinize the syntax—as well as the semantic and pragmatic aspects—of exclamations on theoretical grounds.

The book begins by summarizing, commenting on, and evaluating previous descriptive and theoretical contributions on Spanish exclamatives. This introductory overview also contains a detailed classification of Spanish exclamative grammatical types, along with an analysis of their main properties. Special attention is devoted in the book throughout to the syntactic structures displayed by exclamative patterns; the differences between exclamations and other speech acts (specifically questions and imperatives); the peculiar semantic denotation of exclamative words and their relationship to quantifiers denoting high degree; the semantics of adjectives and adverbs expressing extreme evaluation; the form and interpretation of negated and embedded exclamatives; the properties of optative utterances; and the different ways in which expressive contents are related to unexpected reactions of the speaker, as well as possible knowledge shared by interlocutors.

This groundbreaking volume provides a complete and accurate picture of Spanish exclamation by integrating its numerous component parts.

Ignacio Bosque is honorary Professor of Spanish Linguistics at Complutense University of Madrid and a full member of the Spanish Royal Academy.

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Chapter 1     Spanish Exclamatives in Perspective: A Survey of Properties, Classes, and Current Theoretical Issues
                      Ignacio Bosque

Chapter 2     Más-Support
                      Luis Sáez

Chapter 3     Optative Exclamatives in Spanish
                      Cristina Sánchez López

Chapter 4     Exclamatives in (Argentinian) Spanish and Their Next of Kin
                      Pascual José Masullo

Chapter 5     At-Issue Material in Spanish Degree Exclamatives: An Experimental Study
                      Xavier Villalba

Chapter 6     Exclamative Sentences and Extreme Degree Quantification
                      Raquel González Rodríguez

Chapter 7     Embedded Exclamatives and the Ingredients of Grounded Belief
                      Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Patricia Andueza


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