Front cover of Refusals and Reinventions: Engendering New Indigenous and Black Life across the Americas, by Daniel Ewín’bí Coleman, featuring a fantastical image of a non-white person with faces of different genders and attitudes, a body made of marine and plant life, with sun rays and water waves emerging from the hand above and the foot below.

Refusals and Reinventions

Engendering New Indigenous and Black Life across the Americas

Daniel Ìgbín’bí Coleman

186 pp. 6 x 9
24 illustrations
Pub Date:  March, 2024

Subjects: American Studies
Black Studies
Latinx and Latin American Studies

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A Ms. Magazine Most Anticipated Feminist Book of 2024

Refusals and Reinventions supplies readers with sophisticated new language, ways of knowing, and ways of being. Coleman’s hemispheric and pluriversal approach disrupts expectations about geography, temporality, and resistance, offering invaluable insights for anyone thinking about performance, creativity, activism, land, belonging, and power.” —Karma Chávez, author of The Borders of AIDS: Race, Quarantine, and Resistance

“Coleman weaves a dance of decolonial(izing) pedagogies and embodied praxes that transverse multiple boundaries and seed pluriversal otherwises of and for life. This is a profoundly engaging book, a must-read for those who seek relational worlds, movements, and possibilities of being/becoming.” —Catherine E. Walsh, author of Rising Up, Living On: Re-Existences, Sowings, and Decolonial Cracks

In Refusals and Reinventions, artist-scholar-organizer Daniel Coleman considers his critical trajectories and participation in intersectional justice struggles in the US and Mexico, situating them within larger abolitionist and decolonial movements for Black civil rights and Native/Indigenous sovereignty. He identifies how Black and Indigenous people create, exist in, and reclaim many worlds—the pluriverse—through their artistic refusals and reinventions. Coleman thus contributes to a growing body of pluriversal thought, inspired by the Zapatista motto “a world in which many worlds fit.” Charting previously unrecognized connections among the creative struggles of Indigenous people in southern Mexico and Black people in the southern United States, Coleman draws on performance praxis, decolonial pedagogies, and Afro-diasporic and Native/Indigenous cosmologies to frame four case studies of people refusing racialized, gendered violences as world-making tools. In looking at creative responses among activists in Chiapas and North Carolina, Coleman uses transfeminist, Black feminist, and decolonial frameworks to ask: How do creative insurgent practices give us access to our humanity? And what do praxis and engaged witnessing have to teach us about what worlds from the pluriverse hold?

Daniel Ìgbín’bí Coleman (he/they) is Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Affiliate Faculty in Africana Studies at Georgia State University.


List of Illustrations



Introduction    Por/Para la Vida / For Life

Chapter 1        A Full-Dignified-Just Life: Insurgent Grief

Chapter 2        The Wake Work of M/otherhood

Chapter 3        Into the Trans Break

Chapter 4        Shoal Ecopoetics and Otroas 

Coda    Tuning In to the Wood Wide Web




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