Historical Perspectives on Business Enterprise
Edited by Mansel G. Blackford and K. Austin Kerr

The scope of this series includes scholarly interest in the history of the firm, the history of government-business relations, and the relationship between business and culture, both in the U.S. and abroad. Included are histories of individual companies and biographies of business people.

This series is now closed, and the Press does not accept further submissions for it.

2009 Lewis Unexceptional Women: Female Proprietors in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Albany, New York, 1830–1885
2006 Rose, Seely, and Barrett The Best Transportation System in the World: Railroads, Trucks, Airlines, and American Public Policy in the Twentieth Century (out of print)
2004 Heinrich and Batchelor Kotex, Kleenex, Huggies: Kimberly-Clark and the Consumer Revolution in American Business
2000 Lewis, ed. Airline Executives and Federal Regulation: Case Studies in American Enterprise from the Airmail Era to the Dawn of the Jet Age
1999 Feldenkirchen Siemens, 1918–1945
1998 Ansell Oil Baron of the Southwest: Edward L. Doheny and the Development of the Petroleum Industry in California and Mexico
1998 Brophy Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830–1870
1998 Previts and Merino A History of Accountancy in the United States: The Cultural Significance of Accounting. Revised Edition
1997 Rosen Courts and Commerce: Gender, Law, and the Market Economy in Colonial New York
1996 Blackford and Kerr BFGoodrich: Tradition and Transformation, 1870–1995
1994 Perkins American Public Finance and Financial Services, 1700–1815
1994 Feldenkirchen Werner von Siemens: Inventor and International Entrepreneur
1993 Thompson The Passenger Train in the Motor Age: California’s Rail and Bus Industries, 1910–1941
1993 Miner Wolf Creek Station: Kansas Gas and Electric Company in the Nuclear Era
1992 Tittle Rebuilding Cleveland: The Cleveland Foundation and Its Evolving Urban Strategy
1992 Castaneda Regulated Enterprise: Natural Gas Pipelines and Northeastern Markets, 1938 –1954
1992 Nelson, ed. A Mental Revolution: Scientific Management since Taylor
1992 Knerr Eagle-Picher Industries: Strategies for Survival in the Industrial Marketplace, 1840–1980
1992 Dintenfass Managing Industrial Decline: The British Coal Industry between the Wars
1992 Friedricks Henry E. Huntington and the Creation of Southern California
1991 Ingham Making Iron and Steel: Independent Mills in Pittsburgh, 1820–1920
1991 Vrooman Daniel Willard and Progressive Management on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad