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Victorian Hands

The Manual Turn in Nineteenth-Century Body Studies

Edited by Peter J. Capuano and Sue Zemka

310 pp. 6 x 9
14 b&w illustrations
Pub Date: October, 2020

Subjects: Victorian Studies
Literary Studies, 19th Century
Literary Studies, British & Irish

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Victorian Hands promises to become an oft-referenced work in Victorian, body, and disability studies. Its through-line is a deep concern with the individual. What it means to be human, especially rejiggered in the face of human exceptionalism’s expiration date, will keep this collection’s readers thinking.” —Barbara Black, author of Hotel London (OSU Press, 2019)

 “Victorian Hands tells a remarkable story about the meaning and matter of the human hand. It touches on manual labor, tactile sensation, the materiality of writing, and the embodiment of agency, among many other innovative topics. For anyone interested in figural representation, this book illuminates the hand’s extraordinary capacities as both agent and object.” —William A. Cohen

Until recently, the embodied hand has paradoxically escaped the notice of nineteenth-century cultural and literary historians precisely because of its centrality. The essays in Peter J. Capuano and Sue Zemka’s new collection, Victorian Hands: The Manual Turn in Nineteenth-Century Body Studies, join an emerging body of work that seeks to remedy this. Casting new light on an array of well-known authors—Charlotte Brontë, Christina Rossetti, George Eliot, Wilkie Collins, William Morris, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, and Oscar Wilde—the volume explores the role of the hand as a nexus between culture and physical embodiment. The contributors to this volume address a wide range of manual topics and concerns, including those related to religion, medicine, science, industry, paranormal states, language, digital humanities, law, photography, disability, and art history. Examining hands, language, materiality, and agency, these contributors employ their expertise as Victorianists in order to understand what hands have to tell us about the cultural preoccupations of the nineteenth century and how the unique conditions of Britain at the time shaped the modern emergence of our cultural relationship with our hands.

James Eli Adams, Karen Bourrier, Aviva Briefel, Peter J. Capuano, Jonathan Cheng, Kate Flint, Pamela K. Gilbert, Tamara Ketabgian, J. Hillis Miller, Deborah Denenholz Morse, Daniel A. Novak, Julianne Smith, Herbert F. Tucker, and Sue Zemka

Peter J. Capuano is Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He is the author of Changing Hands: Industry, Evolution, and the Reconfiguration of the Victorian Body.

Sue Zemka is Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is the author of Time and the Moment in Victorian Literature and Society.


List of Illustrations

Introduction    Handling Flesh and Metaphor

            Peter J. Capuano and Sue Zemka

Part I   Hands: Whole and Part

Chapter 1        The Anatomy of Anglican Industry: Mechanical Philosophy and Early Factory Fiction

            Peter J. Capuano

Chapter 2        Lost Hands and Prosthetic Narratives: William Dodd, Writing at the Industrial Join

            Tamara Ketabgian

Chapter 3        “A Fiery Hand Gripped My Vitals”: Admiral Nelson, Amputation, and Heroic Masculinity in Jane Eyre

            Karen Bourrier

Part II  Hands, Plot, and Character

Chapter 4        Hands and the Will in The Woman in White

            Pamela K. Gilbert

Chapter 5

Hands at a Séance: Manual Evidence in Victorian Spiritualism and the Ghost Story

            Aviva Briefel

Chapter 6        Hands and Minds in The Moonstone

            Sue Zemka

Chapter 7        The Dead Hand: George Eliot and the Burdens of Inheritance

            James Eli Adams

Chapter 8        Computation and the Gendering of Gestures

            Jonathan Cheng

Part III Framing and Staging Hands

Chapter 9        The Photographer’s Hand

            Kate Flint

Chapter 10      Staged Hands in Bleak House

            Julianne Smith

Part IV Manual Exceptionalism in Later Victorian Literature and Culture

Chapter 11      Handling Private Dramas of Class and Gender in Anthony Trollope’s The Duke’s Children

            Deborah Denenholz Morse

Chapter 12      Reading by Hand: Oscar Wilde and the Body in the Archive

            Daniel A. Novak

Chapter 13      Hands in Hardy and James

            J. Hillis Miller

Afterword       The Well Spoken Hand

            Herbert F. Tucker

List of Contributors


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