Women, Gender, and Health
Edited by Susan L. Smith and Nancy Tomes

This series focuses on the history of women and health; gender, masculinity, and health; and race, ethnicity, and health. Works in the series examine the history of sickness, health, and healing in relation to health workers, activists, and patients. They also explore the ways in which issues of gender, race, ethnicity, and health have reflected and shaped beliefs, values, and power dynamics in society.

This series is now closed, and the Press does not accept further submissions for it.

2006 Ettinger Nurse-Midwifery: The Birth of a New American Profession
2005 Kay Dying to Be Beautiful: The Fight for Safe Cosmetics
2005 Wall Unlikely Entrepreneurs: Catholic Sisters and the Hospital Marketplace, 1865–1925
2004 Levine-Clark Beyond the Reproductive Body: The Politics of Women's Health and Work in Early Victorian England
2004 Olson and Walsh Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke's and the Nature of Nursing, 1892–1937
2004 Meyer Any Friend of the Movement: Networking for Birth Control, 1920–1940
2003 Rosen Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights: Reformers and the Politics of Maternal Welfare, 1917–1940
2003 Kennedy and Ullman, eds. Sexual Borderlands: Constructing an American Past
2001 Wolf Don’t Kill Your Baby: Public Health and the Decline of Breastfeeding in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
2001 Golden A Social History of Wet Nursing: From Breast to Bottle
2000 Sanger Motherhood in Bondage
2000 Hepler Women in Labor: Mothers, Medicine, and Occupational Health in the United States, 1890–1980
2000 Saetnan, Oudshoorn, and Kirejczyk, eds. Bodies of Technology: Women's Involvement with Reproductive Medicine
2000 Goldstein Travels with the Wolf: A Story of Chronic Illness
1999 Curry Modern Mothers in the Heartland: Gender, Health, and Progress in Illinois, 1900–1930
1999 Humphries Crack Mothers: Pregnancy, Drugs, and the Media
1997 Ruzek, Olesen, and Clarke, eds. Women's Health: Complexities and Differences
1997 Apple and Golden, eds. Mothers and Motherhood: Readings in American History
1996 DeVries Making Midwives Legal: Childbirth, Medicine, and the Law
1996 Smith and Holmes Listen to Me Good: The Story of an Alabama Midwife
1994 Rothenberg and Thomson, eds. Women and Prenatal Testing: Facing the Challenges of Genetic Technology
1993 Morton And Sin No More: Social Policy and Unwed Mothers in Cleveland, 1855–1990
1992 Grant The Selling of Contraception: The Dalkon Shield Case, Sexuality, and Women's Autonomy