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Unnatural Narratology

Extensions, Revisions, and Challenges

Edited by Jan Alber and Brian Richardson

240 pp. 6 x 9
18 b & w illustrations
Pub Date: January, 2020

Subjects: Narrative Studies
Literary Theory
Comics Studies

Series: Theory and Interpretation of Narrative

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Unnatural Narratology: Extensions, Revisions, and Challenges provides entertaining and instructive insights into the issues at stake in consolidating unnatural narratology.” —Paul Dawson

Unnatural Narratology: Extensions, Revisions, and Challenges offers a number of developments, refinements, and defenses of key aspects of unnatural narrative studies. The first section applies unnatural narrative theory and analysis to ideologically charged areas such as feminism, postcolonial studies, cultural alterity, and subaltern discourse. The book goes on to engage with and intervene in theoretical debates in several areas of both critical theory and narrative theory, including affect studies, immersion, narration, character theory, frames, and theories of reception and interpretation. Antimimetic perspectives are also extended to additional fields, including autobiography, graphic narratives, drama and film, performance studies, and interactive gamebooks. Written by an international assemblage of distinguished and emerging narrative scholars and theorists, this collection promises to greatly enhance the study of narrative and further advance the frontiers of narrative theory.

Jan Alber is Professor of English Literature and Cognitive Studies at RWTH Aachen University and co-editor of A Poetics of Unnatural Narrative (OSU Press, 2013).                                                                                            

Brian Richardson is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park, and author of Unnatural Narrative: Theory, History, and Practice (OSU Press, 2015) and A Poetics of Plot for the Twenty-First Century: Theorizing Unruly Narratives (OSU Press, 2019).


List of Illustrations

            Jan Alber and Brian Richardson

Chapter 1        (Un)Natural Connections: Feminist Experimentation and Unnatural Narration in Nights at the Circus
            Catherine Romagnolo

Chapter 2        Anima by Wajdi Mouawad: Unnatural or Naturalized?
            Sylvie Patron

Chapter 3        Unnatural Narrative in a Postcolonial Context: Impossibilities in Aboriginal Australian Fiction
            Dorothee Klein

Chapter 4        Empathy the Long Way ’Round: Unnatural Autographic Narration

            Christopher D. Kilgore
Chapter 5        Metalepsis and Emotion in Unnatural Stories
            Daniel Punday

Chapter 6        The (Un)Natural Response: Reading Walter Abish’s Alphabetical Africa
            Roy Sommer

Chapter 7        Transcending Humanistic and Cognitive Models: Unnatural Characters in Fiction, Drama, and Popular Culture
            Brian Richardson

Chapter 8        (Un)Natural Temporalities in Graphic Narratives
            Raphaël Baroni

Chapter 9        The Unnatural Conventions of the Interactive Gamebook
            Paul Wake

            Jan Alber and Brian Richardson

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