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Drawing on Anger

Portraits of U.S. Hypocrisy 

Eric J. GarcÍa

10 X 7
208 illustrated pages
Pub Date: September, 2018

Subjects: Comics and Graphic Novels
Creative Nonfiction
Latinx Studies

Series: Latinographix

Imprint: Mad Creek Books

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“As a collection, García’s cartoons consistently speak truth to power, weaving a narrative of fierce and continuous resistance.” — Pasatiempo, Santa Fe New Mexican

“Each cartoon grabs you and releases emotions: laughter, anger, rage, fear, hate, maybe curiosity to the uninformed and unaware. García offers context with a few lines to make provocative images. Nothing is off-limits, and nothing is hidden.” —José Angel Gutiérrez, attorney and emeritus professor at the University of Texas at Arlington

“When you read Eric García’s cartoons, you can feel the righteous indignation pulsing through them. Employing a distinctive, muralistic drawing style, García sheds light on issues often ignored in the American press—from the abuse of indigenous peoples to the global fallout of foreign policy disasters.” —Jen Sorensen, 2017 Pulitzer finalist in editorial cartooning

“The versatility of Eric García’s multilayered political cartoons are a visual joy to behold. The work in Drawing on Anger manages to visually communicate the matter at hand, plus offers bold hints at the complexity of the issue.” —Lalo Alcaraz, editorial cartoonist and creator of the syndicated comic strip La Cucaracha

Drawing on Anger: Portraits of U.S. Hypocrisy is a collection of Eric J. García’s most unabashed political cartoons about U.S. history and politics from 2004 to the present. They offer a scathing indictment of Republicans, Democrats, and the self-proclaimed greatest country on earth. Garcia reconstructs pivotal moments in history—such as U.S. complicity in the disappearance of forty-three Mexican students, genocide and torture in Iraq, and femicide along the U.S.—Mexico border—and reflects on the larger themes of anti-immigration laws, global imperialism, veterans affairs, and the conquest of the Americas. His cartoons are equally critical of both political parties and of both the United States and Mexico–lobbing criticism and satire in every direction.

For over a decade García has been serving up inked visuals with the sharpest of political critiques through a Chicano lens. If you’re looking for funny punch lines, these aren’t the cartoons for you. But if you want to pull down Uncle Sam’s pants and see what’s really going on, this is your book.

Born and raised in Albuquerque’s South Valley, Eric J. García earned his BFA from the University of New Mexico and received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A versatile artist working in an assortment of media, from hand-printed posters to nationally published political cartoons to large-scale public murals, all of his work has a common goal of educating and challenging.

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