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The President’s Book

Experiencing the Essentials with Six Board Presidents

Carole Williams

7 x 10, 112 pp.

Pub Date: 2001

Distributed by the Ohio State University Press on behlf of The Academy for Leadership and Governance

order Paperback $20.00   ISBN: 978-0-9706039-3-7

Written by seasoned board presidents for presidents-elect and new board presidents, this book addresses the crucial role of the board president in the conduct of organizational life and focuses on core issues of board leadership such as discovering your leadership voice, working together with the executive, engaging the board, and organizational ethics. It includes helpful checklists and templates that make it easy to apply the concepts and recommendations outlined in the text.

Editor and co-author Bios

The Academy for Leadership and Governance is a division of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts. The Academy serves board presidents, executives, and boards with research, publications, and educational programs.

Carole Williams is a communications consultant who has been president of a school board and a private industry council.

Donna Alvarado is President of Aguila International and has been board president of a state community college and a national not-for-profit organization, which conducts substance abuse research and evaluation.

Alan Radnor is an attorney with Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP. Among his board work are presidencies of a religious congregation and a nonprofit healthcare corporation.

Kathy Ransier is an attorney with Ransier & Ransier LLP. Her presidencies include a metropolitan area arts council and an academic library friends group.

Teckie Shackelford is an educational consultant whose board presidencies include a community foundation and an educational advising and granting agency.

Warren Tyler, President, Warmarr Capital, Inc., has served as president of a community development corporation and an entrepreneurial training agency for people with disabilities.

Elizabeth Jewell has a master’s degree in Arts Policy and Administration from The Ohio State University and is presently Director of Literary Programs at The Thurber House.

Donn F. Vickers has been an executive in organizations religious, educational, preservationist, and literary, and is the executive director of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts and the new Academy for Leadership and Governance. He is also an adjunct professor in the graduate program of Arts Policy and Administration at The Ohio State University.

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