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Following the Leader

A Guide for Planning Founding Director Transition

Emily Redington and Donn Vickers

7 x 10, 36 pp.

Pub Date: 2001

Distributed by the Ohio State University Press on behlf of The Academy for Leadership and Governance

order Paperback $15.00   ISBN: 978-0-9706039-1-3

Based on field research in five agencies, this is the first in a series of Leadership Reports that have a basis in research. The study is directed at the boards and executives in organizations where the founding director or a long-term director is retiring. Recommendations for the departing founding director, the board of directors, the planning and search committees, and the new executive are included.

The Academy for Leadership and Governance is a division of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts. The Academy serves board presidents, executives, and boards with research, publications, and educational programs.

Emily Redington is presently Assistant Director of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts. She has a master’s degree in Arts Policy and Administration from The Ohio State University.

Donn F. Vickers has been an executive in organizations religious, educational, preservationist, and literary, and is the executive director of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts and The Academy for Leadership and Governance. He is also an adjunct professor in the graduate program of Arts Policy and Administration at The Ohio State University.

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