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Evaluating Your Executive

New Approaches, New Purposes

Donn F. Vickers & Kelly Stevelt Kaser

7 x 10, 56 pp.

Pub Date: 2006

Distributed by the Ohio State University Press on behlf of The Academy for Leadership and Governance

order Paperback $16.00   ISBN: 978-0-9706039-3-7

Donn F. Vickers has had a kinetic career living in five cities and working in five different professions. In Honolulu and Chicago he taught music in private schools and performed in jazz groups and symphony orchestras. In Rochester he was a Presbyterian clergyman especially involved in the civil rights movement. In Syracuse he did research and development in higher education at the Syracuse University Research Corporation. In Columbus he was the founding director of The Thurber House literary center and the previous director of The Jefferson Center.

Kelly Stevelt Kaser is the Director of Research and Programs for The Academy for Leadership and Governance. In this role, she manages educational programs and retreats, coordinates events, and conducts literature reviews and background research for leadership publications. She also provides financial and personnel management services for The Jefferson Center.

Executive Evaluation can:

·         Enrich professional development

·         Strengthen the relationship between the board and the executive

·         Advance an organizational culture of reflection

·         Focus the future work of the leadership

This book provides a variety of evaluation tools for nonprofit board members and guidance as they proceed through the evaluation process with their executive director.

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