The Academy for Leadership and Governance

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The Search Book
A Guide to Executive Selection

Donn F. Vickers and Cindy Hilsheimer

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The Board Member's Guide
Making a Difference on Your Board and in Your Community

Richard Adams, Shirley Magoteaux, Virginia Matz, Cheryl Stiefel-Francis, Judy Westerheide, and Donn F. Vickers

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Women Leading the Way
Reflections on Life and Leadership

Mary Jo Conte, Laura Bidwa, Karen Bell, Janet Jackson, Karen Schwarzwalder, Kathryn Sullivan, and Mari Sunami

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The President's Book
Experiencing the Essentials with Six Board Presidents

Donna Alvarado, Elizabeth Jewel, Alan Radnor, Kathy Ransier, Teckie Shackelford, Warren Tyler, Donn F. Vickers, and Carole Williams

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Evaluating Your Executive
New Approaches, New Purposes

Kelly Stevelt Kaser and Donn F. Vickers

This series was created by the The Academy for Leadership and Governance (a division of The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts) and is distributed by the Ohio State University Press