History of Crime and Criminal Justice
Edited by David R. Johnson and Jeffrey S. Adler

These are works pertaining to the history of crime and violence, studies of criminal justice and legal systems, and cultural and social constructions of deviance. There are no restrictions in terms of historical period, geographical focus, or methodological approach.

This series is now closed, and the Press does not accept further submissions for it.

2007 Conley Certain Other Countries: Homicide, Gender, and National Identity in Late Nineteenth-Century England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
2005 Wilkinson Prison Work: A Tale of Thirty Years in the California Department of Corrections
2005 Wolcott Cops and Kids: Policing Juvenile Delinquency in Urban America, 1890–1940
2005 Mackey Pursuing Johns: Criminal Law Reform, Defending Character, and New York City's Committee of Fourteen, 1920–1930
2005 Hurl-Eamon Gender and Petty Violence in London, 1680–1720
2004 Roodenburg et al., eds. Social Control in Europe
2004 Harris Policing the City: Crime and Legal Authority in London, 1780–1840
2004 Spierenburg Written in Blood: Fatal Attraction in Enlightenment Amsterdam
2002 Monkkonen Crime, Justice, History
2001 Dale The Rule of Justice: The People of Chicago versus Zephyr Davis
2001 Ylikangas, Karonen, and Lehti Five Centuries of Violence in Finland and the Baltic Area
2000 Gibson Prostitution and the State in Italy, 1860–1915. Second Edition
2000 Redfield Homicide, North and South: Being a Comparative View of Crime against the Person in Several Parts of the United States
2000 Vandal Rethinking Southern Violence: Homicides in Post-Civil War Louisiana, 1866–1884
1999 Lane Violent Death in the City: Suicide, Accident, and Murder in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia. Second Edition
1999 Best Controlling Vice: Regulating Brothel Prostitution in St. Paul, 1865–1883
1998 Miller Cops and Bobbies: Police Authority in New York and London, 1830–1870. Second Edition
1998 Myers Race, Labor, and Punishment in the New South
1998 Spierenburg, ed. Men and Violence: Gender, Honor, and Rituals in Modern Europe and America
1997 Lane Murder in America: A History