Literature, Religion, and Postsecular Studies
Edited by Lori Branch

Literature, Religion, and Postsecular Studies publishes scholarship on the influence of religion on literature and of literature on religion from the sixteenth century onward. Books in the series include studies of religious rhetoric or allegory; of the secularization of religion, ritual, and religious life; and of the emerging identity of postsecular studies and literary criticism. We are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

2023 Dau Sex, Celibacy, and Deviance: The Victorians and the Song of Songs
2020 Carson American Exceptionalism as Religion: Postmodern Discontent
2020 Werner Missionary Cosmopolitanism in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
2019 King and Werner Constructing Nineteenth-Century Religion: Literary, Historical, and Religious Studies in Dialogue
2019 Garton-Gundling Enlightened Individualism: Buddhism and Hinduism in American Literature from the Beats to the Present
2019 Knight Good Words: Evangelicalism and the Victorian Novel
2018 Dill A Theology of Sense: John Updike, Embodiment, and Late Twentieth-Century American Literature
2017 Wilson Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the Search for Influence
2016 Rosso The Religion of Empire: Political Theology in Blake’s Prophetic Symbolism
2016 Tricomi Clashing Convictions: Science and Religion in American Fiction
2016 Traister Female Piety and the Invention of American Puritanism
2015 King Imagined Spiritual Communities in Britain's Age of Print
2015 Franke Secular Scriptures: Modern Theological Poetics in the Wake of Dante
2015 Hinojosa Puritanism and Modernist Novels: From Moral Character to the Ethical Self
2014 Kane Conspicuous Bodies: Provincial Belief and the Making of Joyce and Rushdie
2013 Blumberg Victorian Sacrifice: Ethics and Economics in Mid-Century Novels
2013 Cragwall Lake Methodism: Polite Literature and Popular Religion in England, 1780–1830
2013 Haddox Hard Sayings: The Rhetoric of Christian Orthodoxy in Late Modern Fiction
2013 Coleman Preaching and the Rise of the American Novel
2013 Houston Victorian Women Writers, Radical Grandmothers, and the Gendering of God
2012 Hoefer Apocalypse South: Judgment, Cataclysm, and Resistance in the Regional Imaginary

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