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Women Surrounded by Water cover

Women Surrounded by Water

A Memoir

Patricia Coral



$19.95 T paperback

Women Surrounded by Water is a memoir-song-ode-manifesto-rosary to the Puerto Rican women of a family with ghosts for men. . . . It is a story of betrayals, of oneself and others, and of the hungers of the heart such struggles leave behind. Coral has contained my very history, my heartbreak, along with her own.” —Anjanette Delgado

A propulsive memoir of personal and natural disasters—and the self-discovery made possible only when we choose what to leave behind.

Series: Machete

Creative Nonfiction, Latinx & Latin American Studies

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Me llamo Marcela cover

Me llamo Marcela

My Story as a Heritage Speaker

Written by Marcela T. Garcés Illustrated by Andrés E. Garcés



$14.95 T paperback

Me llamo Marcela wonderfully captures that awkward feeling of straddling cultures. A great story about how weird it is to grow up Colombian in the Midwest, how we can proudly own our weirdness, and how we have the power to choose our own identity.” —Jorge Aguirre

A graphic memoir about the complicated path of language and identity that Marcela travels as a young heritage Spanish speaker.

Comics & Comics Studies, Latinx & Latin American Studies, Creative Nonfiction

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The Registry of Forgotten Objects cover

The Registry of Forgotten Objects


Miles Harvey



22.95 T paperback

“By turns wry, heartbreaking, funny, and grief-haunted, these deceptively clear stories interlock to reveal wonderful depths, objects embodying the characters’ loves and losses diving below the waters only to resurface transformed. A beguiling read.” —Andrea Barrett

Short stories that use inanimate objects and how humans relate to them to examine grief, environmental disaster, and other themes of contemporary life.

Series: The Journal Non/Fiction Prize


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Trespassing Natures cover

Trespassing Natures

Species Migration and the Right to Space

Donnie Johnson Sackey



$99.95 S hardcover


$32.95 S paperback

“Configuring space, identity, and institutions as the social actors that frame invasive species, Sackey thoughtfully expands notions of community to include those we often want to exclude from consideration.” —Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Forwards a discursive and rhetorical definition of invasion, offering a new paradigm that reconsiders what it means to live in multi-species communities.

Rhetoric & Communication, Cultural Studies

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Rhetorical Economies of Whiteness cover

Rhetorical Economies of Whiteness

Exploring the Intersections of Power, Privilege, and Race

Edited by Robert Asen and Casey Ryan Kelly



$129.95 S hardcover


$37.95 S paperback

“Brings multilayered and nuanced discussions throughout American studies, media studies, and critical whiteness studies into the field of white rhetorical studies. Contributors … theorize our contemporary moment with urgency.” —Hannah Noel

Examines the interplay of rhetoric, whiteness, and economics, illustrating how economic and class structures incentivize adherence to whiteness as an identity formation and form of symbolic capital.

Rhetoric & Communication, American Studies, Cultural Studies

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The Erotic as Rhetorical Power cover

The Erotic as Rhetorical Power

Archives of Romantic Friendship between Women Teachers

Pamela VanHaitsma



$99.95 S hardcover


$32.95 S paperback

“VanHaitsma guides her readers to a nuanced understanding of how same-sex and other queer relationships sustain the lives and political expressions of women rhetoricians. Her voice is clear, direct, and organized as she . . . formulate[s] a theory of the erotic that remains relevant and urgently needed today.” —Aimee Carrillo Rowe

A queer feminist history of rhetoric that looks at the erotic as a complicated site of rhetorical power, asking us to read the archives critically and differently.

Series: Intersectional Rhetorics

Rhetoric & Communication, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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China Pop! cover

China Pop!

Pop Culture, Propaganda, Pacific Pop-Ups

Sheng-mei Ma



$119.95 S hardcover


$36.95 S paperback

“In this valuable and fascinating contribution to the limited literature on contemporary Chinese pop culture, Ma convincingly analyzes the duality and dialectics inherent in propaganda, the doubling motif, the aesthetics of the uncanny, the cleaving of Chineseness, and more. A stroke of genius.” —Jin Liu

Takes an autotheoretical approach to critiquing the propaganda embedded in millennial Chinese pop culture, particularly TV dramas, films, and web novels, from both within and outside China.

Asian & Asian American Studies, Film & Media Studies

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Against Exclusion cover

Against Exclusion

Disrupting Anti-Chinese Violence in the Nineteenth Century

Audrey Wu Clark



$99.95 S hardcover


$34.95 S paperback

“Rich in historical detail, Against Exclusion establishes a model for Asian American literature/culture criticism that showcases the intellectual potential of interdisciplinary, historically situated scholarship of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century cultural production. A deeply engaging, original work.” —James Kyung-Jin Lee

Reframes Asian American resistance via the lives of five early Chinese American public figures, tracing the emergence of violently imposed exceptionalism and mapping its reverberations into the present day.

American Literature, Asian & Asian American Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies

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Indigenous Dispossession, Anti-Immigration, and the Public Pedagogy of US Empire cover

Indigenous Dispossession, Anti-Immigration, and the Public Pedagogy of US Empire

Leah Perry



$119.95 S hardcover


$36.95 S paperback

“This well-written study draws on various area studies to demonstrate how the structures of settler colonialism remain. A worthwhile intervention in interdisciplinary studies.” —Jennifer Nez Denetdale (Diné)

Traces the ways that the United States created its empire through public pedagogies surrounding Indigenous dispossession, gendered state violence, and racialized immigration.

Series: Race and Mediated Cultures

Race & Ethnic Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, American Studies

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Sanctuary cover


Exclusion, Violence, and Indigenous Migrants in the East Bay

Cruz Medina



$99.95 S hardcover


$24.95 S paperback

Sanctuary is a piece of vital scholarship that teaches us how to maintain analytic focus at varying levels of the social scale to address the dangerous colonial nexus of power, while simultaneously introducing us to real people with real names and faces to whom we are fundamentally connected.” —Christina Cedillo

Brings Indigenous migrant populations to the fore of intersecting issues of immigration, violence, language, and property to cast light on citizenship, literacy, and exclusion in the United States.

Series: Global Latin/o Americas

Latinx & Latin American Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, American Studies

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Zones of Encuentro cover

Zones of Encuentro

Language and Identities in Northern New Mexico

Lillian Gorman



$99.95 S hardcover


$34.95 S paperback

“This interdisciplinary and innovative work looks at how communication and community intertwine as Spanish speakers with different backgrounds come together, sometimes clashing and sometimes blending to form new zones of encuentro. The use of testimonios gives voice to the people included and highlights their linguistic and ideological negotiations.” —Damián Vergara Wilson

Explores the complexity of language ideologies, language practices, identity formations, and internal differences within Nuevomexicano-Mexicano families in northern New Mexico.

Series: Global Latin/o Americas

Latinx & Latin American Studies, American Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies

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Pitfalls of Prestige cover

Pitfalls of Prestige

Black Women and Literary Recognition

Laura Elizabeth Vrana



$59.95 S hardcover

“Few scholars have so convincingly dissected the logic and the priorities by which awards-granting institutions distribute prestige, and none has done so while also providing the incisive close readings of complex, challenging poetry that Vrana has here. Pitfalls of Prestige in an impressive achievement.” —Keith D. Leonard

Surveys how developments in American literary institutions since 1980 have shaped—and been shaped by—Black women poets, showing how seeming gestures of inclusion can co-opt or constrain the work.

American Literature, Black Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies

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Black Speculative Feminisms cover

Black Speculative Feminisms

Memory and Liberated Futures in Black Women’s Fiction

Cassandra L. Jones



99.95 S hardcover


29.95 S paperback

“Jones’s theory of restorative fabulation, her contributions to Black ecofeminism, and her fluency in Black feminist literary theory provide an illuminating lens for understanding how Black women archive the past and create the future.” —Shelley S. Streeby

Charts the moments in Black women’s science fiction and fantasy where characters harness, or fail to harness, the power of memory, transforming it from passive recollection to social action.

Series: New Suns: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Speculative

Black Studies, American Literature

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Rewriting Islam cover

Rewriting Islam

Decolonialism, Justice, and Contemporary Muslimah Literature

Hasnul Insani Djohar



$99.95 S hardcover


$34.95 S paperback

“Expertly positions underrepresented Muslimah voices at the heart of contemporary discussions on representation, diaspora, migration, and the challenges of anti-Muslim racism. ” —Danielle Haque

Considers a wide range of contemporary works by American Muslimah writers, showing how they seek gender and social justice through interconnectedness, spirituality, and sisterhood across diverse communities.

American Literature, Race & Ethnic Studies

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On Edge cover

On Edge

Gender and Genre in the Work of Shirley Jackson, Patricia Highsmith, and Leigh Brackett

Ashley Lawson



$59.95 S hardcover

On Edge is exactly what scholarship should be. Lawson convincingly unpacks the biases of gender and genre at midcentury and proves that Jackson, Highsmith, and Brackett experimented with, and at times subversively transformed, popular genres.” —Margaret Reid

Reframes postwar American literary fiction through the work of Leigh Brackett, Shirley Jackson, and Patricia Highsmith, arguing that recognizing genre play as literary skill is essential for a more inclusive canon.

American Literature, Literary Theory

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Women at Odds cover

Women at Odds

Indifference, Antagonism, and Progress in Late Victorian Literature

Riya Das



$69.95 S hardcover

“Das defies the long-held assumption that solidarity and collaboration are the basis for women’s progress, highlighting instead how some women are marginalized to enable the advancement of others.” —Rachel Hollander

Demonstrates the limitations of female solidarity in Victorian society, showing how the New Woman fashioned social progress for herself through indifference and antagonism toward femininities she excluded as “other.”

Victorian Studies, British & Irish Literature

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Refiguring Race and Risk cover

Refiguring Race and Risk

Counternarratives of Care in the US Security State

Roberta Wolfson



$69.95 S hardcover

“Making compelling connections among surveillance, identity, and aesthetics, Wolfson illuminates an exciting archive of works by writers of color, including immigrant writers, to bring together critical race studies, comparative literature, critical security studies, art and aesthetics, and political studies.” —Kumarini Silva

Illuminates how writers of color disrupt the racialized policies of the US security state and reimagine risk management through counternarratives of care and community building.

American Literature, Race & Ethnic Studies

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Petrochemical Fantasies cover

Petrochemical Fantasies

The Art and Energy of American Comics

Daniel Worden



$99.95 S hardcover


$34.95 S paperback

“Combining insights from two of the most rapidly expanding areas of humanities inquiry—energy humanities and comics studies—Petrochemical Fantasies is highly relevant and the first major work in its area. Scholars in both fields will find new and valuable material.” —Bart Beaty

A new history of US comics in the Anthropocene that excavates the interdependence of comics, petrochemicals, and modern energy culture.

Series: Studies in Comics and Cartoons

Comics & Comics Studies, American Studies, Film & Media Studies

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Never on Time, Always in Time cover

Never on Time, Always in Time

Narrative Form and the Queer Sensorium

Kate McCullough



$69.95 S hardcover

Never on Time, Always in Time … accomplishes a queer narratology that clearly and coherently connects specific narrative devices with such major concerns of queer theory as temporality, futurity, materiality, affect, and anti-heteronormative resistance. A transformative work.” —Robyn Warhol

Explores how writers summon queer bodily experiences by way of the senses, opening new perspectives onto queer history, futurity, and relationality.

Series: Theory and Interpretation of Narrative

Narrative Studies, Literary Theory, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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Dark Mirror cover

Dark Mirror

African Americans and the Federal Writers’ Project

J. J. Butts

Available 7/2024


$32.95 S paperback

Dark Mirror is a fascinating look at the making of Black history as it was produced by writers on Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration. It offers many unknown and complex ways that Black WPA writers engaged US literary modernism.” —Brian Dolinar

Demonstrates how Black writers negotiated and revised New Deal ideas through their contributions to the Federal Writers’ Project, ultimately introducing a more inclusive, pluralist understanding of American culture and history.

Black Studies, Literary Studies, American Studies, History

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Asian American Players cover

Asian American Players

Masculinity, Literature, and the Anxieties of War

Audrey Wu Clark

Available 9/2024


$34.95 S paperback

Asian American Players makes innovative contributions to Asian American literary scholarship both in its historicizing approach ... and by centering underexamined Asian American cisgender masculinity.” —Belinda Kong

Showcases how the literary figure of the Asian American player unsettles the hegemony of white American masculinity through mimicry and reveals how that masculinity drives US militarism.

American Literature, Race & Ethnic Studies, Asian & Asian American Studies

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Out of Mind cover

Out of Mind

Mode, Mediation, and Cognition in Twenty-First-Century Narrative

Torsa Ghosal

Available 11/2024


$39.95 S paperback

Integrates narrative theory, multimodality studies, cognitive sciences, and disability studies to situate contemporary literature’s depiction of thought within current debates about cognition.

Series: Cognitive Approaches to Culture

American Literature, Literary Theory, Narrative Studies

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Digital Fiction and the Unnatural cover

Digital Fiction and the Unnatural

Transmedial Narrative Theory, Method, and Analysis

Astrid Ensslin and Alice Bell

Available 12/2024


$34.95 S paperback

Digital Fiction and the Unnatural stands as a vibrant, field-expanding work of scholarship. Summing up: Highly recommended.” —CHOICE Reviews

Refines, critiques, and expands unnatural, cognitive, and transmedial narratology by looking at digital-born fictions.

Series: Theory and Interpretation of Narrative

Narrative Studies

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Art, Theory, Revolution cover

Art, Theory, Revolution

The Turn to Generality in Contemporary Literature

Mitchum Huehls

Available 10/2024


$39.95 S paperback

“With theoretical capaciousness, thematic timeliness, and rhetorical clarity, Art, Theory, Revolution makes a much-needed intervention into ongoing discussions about fictional realism, historical fiction, and political forms.” —Alexandra Kingston-Reese

Rethinks the politics of form in twenty-first-century US fiction, culminating in the first major study of generality in literature.

American Literature, Literary Theory

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Material Remains cover

Material Remains

Reading the Past in Medieval and Early Modern British Literature

Edited by Jan-Peer Hartmann and Andrew James Johnston

Available 12/2024


$39.95 S paperback

“Its chronological sweep and the attention to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries make Material Remains a welcome departure from business as usual in medieval English (note: not “British”) studies.” —Eric Weiskot

Examines how medieval and early modern British texts use descriptions of archaeological objects to produce aesthetic and literary responses to questions of historicity and epistemology.

Series: Interventions: New Studies in Medieval Culture

Literary Theory, Medieval Studies, British & Irish Literature

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Queer Economic Dissonance and Victorian Literature cover

Queer Economic Dissonance and Victorian Literature

Meg Dobbins

Available 10/2024


$32.95 S paperback

“Dobbins foregrounds the eccentric, the antinormative, and the messy elements of Victorian economic subjects and their practices, all the while achieving an excellent balance of theoretical discussion, historical work, and smart close readings of literary texts. She engages with a diversity of contemporary scholarship with authority and verve.” —Aeron Hunt

Examines how precarious economic figures in texts by Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, Mary Seacole, and more queered Victorian socioeconomic norms.

Victorian Studies, 19th-Century Literature, British & Irish Literature

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Victorian Hands cover

Victorian Hands

The Manual Turn in Nineteenth-Century Body Studies

Edited by Peter J. Capuano and Sue Zemka

Available 9/2024


$34.95 S paperback

Victorian Hands tells a remarkable story about the meaning and matter of the human hand. ... For anyone interested in figural representation, this book illuminates the hand’s extraordinary capacities as both agent and object.” —William A. Cohen

Focuses on the materiality of hands to show the role that the hand plays in Victorian literature and culture.

Victorian Studies, 19th-Century Literature, British & Irish Literature

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Our journals program welcomes submissions to our award-winning journals, which are closely related to many of our books program’s major subject areas. Current content for each journal can be found on its Project MUSE landing page.

Adoption and Culture cover

Adoption and Culture

Emily Hipchen, Ed.

Adoption & Culture publishes essays on any aspect of adoption’s intersection with culture, including but not limited to scholarly examinations of adoption practice, law, art, literature, ethics, science, life experiences, film, or any other popular or academic representation of adoption. It is the journal of The Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture .

American Periodicals cover

American Periodicals

Sarah Salter and Jean Roggenkamp, Eds.

American Periodicals, the journal of the Research Society for American Periodicals, is devoted exclusively to scholarship and criticism relating to American magazines and newspapers of all periods. It includes essays, notes, reviews, bibliographies, and histories on all aspects of American periodicals.

Inks cover

Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society

Qiana Whitted, Ed.

Inks, the journal of the Comics Studies Society, features scholarly research on sequential art, graphic narrative, and cartooning. It brings together scholarly essays, archival materials, and insights from leading comics professionals. It invites essays on all periods of comic history, as well as considering both a US or an international comics focus.

Journal of Race and Policy cover

The Journal of Race & Policy

Michael L. Clemons, Ed.

The Journal of Race & Policy provides an interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of research on public policy issues including education, employment, health care, political participation, social welfare, and social justice. As an independent, peer-reviewed, scholarly publication, the journal seeks to promote intellectual debate, rigorous investigation, and the development of new ideas on race, ethnicity, diversity, and public policy in American society and the global arena. JRP seeks to bring to academia and policy makers timely perspectives and insights about race and ethnicity and their relevance to policy-related topics.

Narrative cover


James Phelan, Ed.

Narrative is the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Narrative. Its mission is to publish essays that contribute to both narrative theory and the interpretation of individual narratives. The journal is interested in narrative across disciplines and across media.

North American Journal of Celtic Studies cover

North American Journal of Celtic Studies

Joseph Eska, Ed.

The North American Journal of Celtic Studies is the official journal of the Celtic Studies Association of North America. CSANA fosters research in all aspects of Celtic studies—including literature, language, history, law, folklore, art, and archeology. NAJCS provides a forum for publication across all disciplines and all time periods that bear upon Celtic studies.

Victorians cover


Deborah Logan, Ed.

Victorians welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Victorian literature and culture and continues to respond to developmental shifts in the discipline of Victorian studies.

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