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Fall 2023 seasonal catalog cover showing a coiled green snake contained in a white, gear-shaped styrofoam enclosure against a white background, from the cover of Mary Quade's Zoo World
Cover art: Courtesy of Polly Morgan

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I Would Meet You Anywhere cover

I Would Meet You Anywhere

A Memoir

Susan Kiyo Ito



$24.95 T paperback

“An intimate, deftly told story illuminating adoption’s complications and losses.” —Nicole Chung

A memoir of one Japanese American adoptee’s experiences with her birth mother, love, family, and identity.

Series: Machete

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The Hunger Book cover

The Hunger Book

A Memoir from Communist Poland

Agata Izabela Brewer



$24.95 T paperback

“A rare and harrowing pleasure.” —Joy Castro

Essays, with recipes, about food, deprivation, and resilience during a childhood under the last years of Poland’s Communist regime as the daughter of an unstable, alcoholic mother.

Winner of the Gournay Prize

Series: 21st Century Essays

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Melt with Me cover

Melt with Me

Coming of Age and Other ’80s Perils

Paul Crenshaw



$24.95 T paperback

“I’ve never been more certain while reading a book that I will wear it out as thoroughly as the VHS tapes of my favorite 1980s movies.” —James Tate Hill

Personal and historical essays about how pop culture and the Cold War shaped the fears and dreams of those coming of age in the 1980s.

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Night Mother cover

Night Mother

A Personal and Cultural History of The Exorcist

Marlena Williams



$19.95 T paperback

“I devoured this book.…Night Mother is a keen investigation of American cinema, American girlhood, and American fear.” —Elena Passarello

A personal and cultural excavation of The Exorcist’s messages about faith, girlhood, illness, guilt, desire, and death as well as its lasting impact on the author’s life.

Series: 21st Century Essays

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Zoo World cover

Zoo World


Mary Quade



$21.95 T paperback

“Mary Quade is like a girl-guide transcendentalist. She has an unquenchable thirst for natural history—ducklings, milkweed, snake farms—and an unflinching eye for environmental crime.” —Mary Norris

Melds travel and nature writing to explore humans’ attempts at redemption for violence they have visited upon the world, each other, and other species.

Winner of The Journal Non/Fiction Prize

Series: The Journal Non/Fiction Prize

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Growing Up Graphic cover

Growing Up Graphic

The Comics of Children in Crisis

Alison Halsall



$139.95 S hardcover


$37.95 S paperback

“A timely and invigorating read.” —Michelle Ann Abate

Interrogates how diverse graphic texts for children contest images of childhood victimization and helplessness and help young readers develop ideas about social justice.

Series: Studies in Comics and Cartoons

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Muslim Comics and Warscape Witnessing cover

Muslim Comics and Warscape Witnessing

Esra Mirze Santesso



$149.95 S hardcover


$34.95 S paperback

“Santesso’s sophisticated close readings and remarkable range of scholarship make Muslim Comics and Warscape Witnessing an essential addition to the field.” —Kate Polak

As the first major study of comics by and about Muslim people, explores how graphic narratives from within and outside the Middle East articulate Muslim subjectivities.

Series: Studies in Comics and Cartoons

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Nuclear Decolonization cover

Nuclear Decolonization

Indigenous Resistance to High-Level Nuclear Waste Siting

Danielle Endres



$129.95 S hardcover


$34.95 S paperback

“An exemplar of both localized case studies and broader critiques of racism, nuclearism, and colonialism—all while demonstrating care and respect for subject matter, people, and culture.” —Stephen Depoe

Shows how the Western Shoshone, Southern Paiute, and Skull Valley Goshute peoples prevented two nuclear waste sites from being built on Indigenous lands, highlighting two sets of rhetorical, decolonial tactics.

Series: New Directions in Rhetoric and Materiality

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Mapping the Stars cover

Mapping the Stars

Celebrity, Metonymy, and the Networked Politics of Identity

Claire Sisco King



$99.95 S hardcover


$32.95 S paperback

A serious, critical, and extraordinarily creative version of the Kevin Bacon game.” —Casey Ryan Kelly

Examines the public images of Norman Rockwell, Will Smith, and Kim Kardashian across mediums and deploys a rhetorical study of celebrity to challenge normative ideas about selfhood.

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Neobugarrón cover


Heteroflexibility, Neoliberalism, and Latin/o American Sexual Practice

Ramón E. Soto-Crespo



$99.95 S hardcover


$29.95 S paperback

“A beautiful intervention into Global North sexual categories and their occlusions.” —Jane Ward

Confounds conventional assumptions of “heteroflexible” sex between men by chronicling the transformation of the bugarrón into the neobugarrón, a neoliberal, market-oriented sexual actor.

Series: Abnormativities: Queer/Gender/Embodiment

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Adoption Fantasies cover

Adoption Fantasies

The Fetishization of Asian Adoptees from Girlhood to Womanhood

Kimberly D. McKee



$129.95 S hardcover


$32.95 S paperback

“McKee applies a much-needed intersectional feminist adoptee of color lens to Asian American stereotypes and adoption tropes in media.” —Kim Park Nelson

Series: Formations: Adoption, Kinship, and Culture

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Asian American Players cover

Asian American Players

Masculinity, Literature, and the Anxieties of War

Audrey Wu Clark



$69.95 S hardcover

“[An] innovative contributions to Asian American literary scholarship.” —Belinda Kong

Showcases how the literary figure of the Asian American player unsettles the hegemony of white American masculinity through mimicry and reveals how that masculinity drives US militarism.

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The Vulnerability of Public Higher Education cover

The Vulnerability of Public Higher Education

Michael Bernard-Donals



$99.95 S hardcover


$29.95 S paperback

“Bernard-Donals provides a shattering theory of institutional vulnerability and what this means for faculty members working in higher education today.” —Debra Hawhee

Examines the crisis of precarity in public higher education, looking at how vulnerability can build structures of solidarity to protect faculty work.

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City Scripts cover

City Scripts

Narratives of Postindustrial Urban Futures

Edited by Barbara Buchenau, Jens Martin Gurr, and Maria Sulimma



$59.95 S hardcover

City Scripts is a reminder that the stories we tell about cities can be just as important as a new policy or funding scheme.” —Robert R. Gioielli

Via German and American case studies, analyzes uses of narrative and scripting to appeal to stakeholders in urban change, with consequences for urban futures worldwide.

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The Feeling of Letting Die cover

The Feeling of Letting Die

Necroeconomics and Victorian Fiction

Jennifer MacLure



$69.95 S hardcover

“Intelligent, well-researched, and situated in the wake of essential critical works of the last decade.” —Audrey Jaffe

Uses the term “necroeconomics” to conceptualize and explore how Victorian novels depict feelings that both fuel and are produced by an economic system that capitalizes upon death.

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Pregnancy in the Victorian Novel cover

Pregnancy in the Victorian Novel

Livia Arndal Woods



$69.95 S hardcover

“Insightful and persuasive.” —Pamela K. Gilbert

Traces the connections between the medicalization of pregnancy and childbirth occurring over the Victorian era and contemporary and historical lived experiences to argue for the value of somatic reading.

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Contemporary French and Francophone Narratology  cover

Contemporary French and Francophone Narratology

Edited by John Pier

Available 12/2023


$39.95 S paperback

“Not only provides a broad and diverse range of work but it also illuminates various narrative aspects and narratological areas.” —Gerald J. Prince

Takes the pulse of recent developments in narratological research in the French-speaking countries.

Series: Theory and Interpretation of Narrative

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Archive Feelings cover

Archive Feelings

A Theory of Greek Tragedy

Mario Telò

Available 11/2023


$39.95 S paperback

“Original and truly bold.” —Mark Padilla

Using classic Greek texts and modern theory, Telò forges a new model of tragic aesthetics.

Series: Classical Memories/Modern Identities

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Romanticism’s Other Minds cover

Romanticism’s Other Minds

Poetry, Cognition, and the Science of Sociability

John Savarese

Available 10/2023


$39.95 S paperback

“[Savarese] makes a highly original contribution, adding something genuinely new to the discussion of poetry and cognition.” —Alan Richardson

Reassesses early negotiations between poetry and the sciences, demonstrating how poetry represents the staging ground for a surprising set of debates about the naturally social mind.

Series: Cognitive Approaches to Culture

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Novels of Displacement cover

Novels of Displacement

Fiction in the Age of Global Capital

Marco Codebò

Available 9/2023


$34.95 S paperback

“Offers important insights that will enhance our understanding of our contemporary material conditions … as the basis for the novel’s rebirth in our century.” —Paulo Moreira

Analyzes how contemporary authors—specifically Bernardo Carvalho, Daniel Sada, Zadie Smith, and Mathias Énard—resist displacement and offer a redemptive vision for the place of the novel for the future.

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The Politics of Privacy in Contemporary Native, Latinx, and Asian American Metafictions cover

The Politics of Privacy in Contemporary Native, Latinx, and Asian American Metafictions

Colleen G. Eils

Available 8/2023


$34.95 S paperback

“[The author pays] brilliant attention to the politics of the archive and to the ways in which literature might be used to evade social responsibility by providing readers with a false sense of closure.” –Channette Romero

Explores contemporary metafictions by writers of color and Indigenous writers and how they engage visibility, privacy, and access.

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A Theology of Sense cover

A Theology of Sense

John Updike, Embodiment, and Late Twentieth-Century American Literature

Scott Dill

Available 7/2023


$29.95 S paperback

“This book will considerably deepen our understanding of how Updike developed a unique ‘theology of sense’ out of his lifelong reading of Christian theology and religious history.” —Mark Eaton

Explores embodiment, aesthetics, and theology in Updike’s work through the five senses and his influence on late twentieth-century American writers.

Series: Literature, Religion, and Postsecular Studies

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The Medieval Risk-Reward Society cover

The Medieval Risk-Reward Society

Courts, Adventure, and Love in the European Middle Ages

Will Hasty

Available 7/2023


$35.95 S paperback

“A wonderful, creative diachronic study.” —G. Ronald Murphy

Combines a sociological approach to medieval courtly literature with game theory to reveal the blossoming of a worldview in which outcomes are uncertain.

Series: Interventions: New Studies in Medieval Culture

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Selected Writings of Selma Fraiberg cover

Selected Writings of Selma Fraiberg

Edited by Louis Fraiberg with a Foreword by Robert N. Emde, M.D.

Paperback reissue with new lower price 7/2023

$39.95 S paperback

“Jargon-free, straightforward, dramatic, and even beautiful. . . . [Fraiberg] will surprise and astound those in her audience who are unfamiliar with her work. The authenticity of the writer and her caring make this book come alive.” —Kirkus

The selected writings of renowned twentieth-century child-development researcher Selma Fraiberg, including some of her major contributions to attachment theory and her work with blind infants.

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Motherhood in Bondage cover

Motherhood in Bondage

Margaret Sanger with a Foreword by Margaret Marsh



$24.95 S paperback

Of stark relevance to current events, this emotional and harrowing book collects letters to Sanger from women seeking abortion and birth control advice in the early 20th century, with a foreword by renowned reproductive historian Margaret Marsh.

Series: Women, Gender, and Health

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Our journals program welcomes submissions to our award-winning journals, which are closely related to many of our books program’s major subject areas. Current content for each journal can be found on its Project MUSE landing page.

Adoption and Culture cover

Adoption and Culture

Emily Hipchen, Ed.

Adoption & Culture publishes essays on any aspect of adoption’s intersection with culture, including but not limited to scholarly examinations of adoption practice, law, art, literature, ethics, science, life experiences, film, or any other popular or academic representation of adoption. It is the journal of The Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture .

American Periodicals cover

American Periodicals

Sarah Salter and Jean Roggenkamp, Eds.

American Periodicals, the journal of the Research Society for American Periodicals, is devoted exclusively to scholarship and criticism relating to American magazines and newspapers of all periods. It includes essays, notes, reviews, bibliographies, and histories on all aspects of American periodicals.

Inks cover

Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society

Qiana Whitted, Ed.

Inks, the journal of the Comics Studies Society, features scholarly research on sequential art, graphic narrative, and cartooning. It brings together scholarly essays, archival materials, and insights from leading comics professionals. It invites essays on all periods of comic history, as well as considering both a US or an international comics focus.

Narrative cover


James Phelan, Ed.

Narrative is the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Narrative. Its mission is to publish essays that contribute to both narrative theory and the interpretation of individual narratives. The journal is interested in narrative across disciplines and across media.

North American Journal of Celtic Studies cover

North American Journal of Celtic Studies

Joseph Eska, Ed.

The North American Journal of Celtic Studies is the official journal of the Celtic Studies Association of North America. CSANA fosters research in all aspects of Celtic studies—including literature, language, history, law, folklore, art, and archeology. NAJCS provides a forum for publication across all disciplines and all time periods that bear upon Celtic studies.

Victorians cover


Deborah Logan, Ed.

Victorians welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Victorian literature and culture and continues to respond to developmental shifts in the discipline of Victorian studies.

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